Hot flash therapy and bioidentical hormones

Hot Flash Therapy-The BAD and the GOOD

In my last article, I talked about a cooling hormone solution to those life disrupting, suffering inducing hot flashes and night sweats. This solution is found in the hormone called estrogen. But wait, you think, I read that estrogen causes cancer and heart attacks. So first, before you toss this article to the side,  I need to explain how the term estrogen is misused and causes so much confusion and exasperation in women who just want to know the truth so that they can feel better and move on with their lives in their menopausal stage of life.

There are two categories of estrogen available and which have been used to support the woman’s body in the postmenopausal time period.  One category consists of the bad form of estrogens which I call counterfeit estrogens. The second category consists of the good form of estrogens, which I call human identical estrogens. This human identical estrogen category is also referred to in the media by the term “bio-identical” and in a later article, I will explain why I avoid the use of this term.

Now, if a woman is prescribed the counterfeit estrogen as her hormone solution, she will experience relief from the hot flashes but unfortunately, using these counterfeit estrogens come at a great cost, in that, she will develop those terrible side effects that you read about in the media, regarding cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

So what was the main counterfeit estrogen hormone being given to women in  the famous Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study in 2002? It was a form of estrogen called PREMARIN. And what is Premarin you wonder. It is an abbreviation of estrogen that is found in a female horse. Yes, you read that right, It is not an estrogen found in a female human being, but rather a female horse. The word premarin stands for PREgnant MARe uRINe.  Now, why in the world would a pharmaceutical company create a pill that utilized as its ingredients , estrogenic hormones from the pregnant female horse?  The main reason is that they can patent it and make tons of money of which they did throughout the 1950’s, 1960’s and continuing on until 2002 when the WHI study demonstrated that using this horse estrogen carried with it terrible side effects of heart attacks and strokes.

This horse estrogen is as foreign to a woman’s body as a lunar rock is to the earth.  I recently visited the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. and had a chance to see some lunar rocks but I could not touch them because they were kept in a sealed glass container and that is exactly what we should do with the counterfeit estrogen hormone of premarin-keep it  in a glass container not to be touched or swallowed.  This form of estrogen is akin to trying to put gasoline as a substitute for water on a flower bed. It just aint gonna work. However, if a pregnant horse should walk into my office having hot flashes, then I will open up that sealed bottle and give it some premarin!

In my next article, I will discuss the good human identical estrogen.

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