Hot Flashes and Bio identical hormones treatment-The GOOD Solution

In my last article, I talked about  the BAD form of estrogen, namely Premarin. Today, I am going to look at the GOOD form, appropriately named, Human Identical Estrogen.  Remember, estrogen is a term that is frequently used in a broad and global way, never truly differentiating the difference between the various forms of estrogen available. It would be like saying that all women are the same and you don’t have to bother getting to know the women in your life because they are all generic copies of each other, a concept which is as utterly ridiculous as the way estrogen is talked about in the current day.

My mother always taught me that I had to dig out the details of a story to find the truth, so dig we must into the dizzying world of estrogen. The twisting and conflicting medical opinions bounce back and forth like one of my children’s pendulum toys because the difference between the good and the bad estrogen is glossed over. The good estrogen which is the solution to hot flashes and other things to be discussed in future articles is the same estrogen that the female body has always made throughout her entire life prior to the time when her ovaries shut down and she enters “the change or called menopause.” This good form of estrogen is the same, down to the basic molecular level and this is why the mantra in our clinic is that the hormones that you are taking are the same ones that your body has been making.

What does this mean? Put simply, the estrogenic molecule found naturally in the woman’s body is identical to the one that can be prescribed to support the woman in managing her hot flashes and night sweats.  The woman’s body knows this good form of estrogen as intimately as her own flesh and welcomes it as a familiar friend.  Her body knows how to receive it and handle it well without causing any side effects.  This proper, correct and good form of estrogen stands apart in stark contrast to the bad, counterfeit form of estrogen, particularly premarin which is the one that the pharmaceutical companies have pedaled to doctors and advertised to women for decades, in their effort to make as much money as possible, while at great cost and terrible disease side effects to women.  Their mantra is one of deception not truth, confusion not clarity and now after the light has been shown on the bad form of estrogen, they continue to try and encourage woman to use their counterfeit estrogenic hormone saying that you can safely use it if you take the least amount for the shortest amount of time, but cant they see that the least amount of  counterfeit estrogen is none and the least amount of time is never!

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