Menopause symptom-hot flashes/night sweats/bioidentical hormones

A Clear Hot Flash Solution-

Trying to create clarity out of the confusing misinformation surrounding the teatments of the most common symptom of menopause is frustrating enough to drive anyone into a cold sweat.  This perimenopausal and menopausal symptom is the random and unpredictable episodes of heat waves coursing through the body varying in intensity from just a slight warmth sensation to a full blown searing heat shock that rivals the strength of the summer noon sun. The impact on the woman ranges from that of slight annoyance to full blown suffering which interferes with her sleep, her work and her peace of mind. If anyone cant relate, just put on your warmest parka, hat and gloves and step into a hot sauna and see how it feels!

Adding to the misery is that the woman might be in the middle of a meeting, giving a presentation, sleeping soundly  or enjoying a lunch or dinner friends and the hot flash comes crashing through disrupting whatever she’s doing and while all those around her may be continuing on as if nothing happened, she is having sweat pour down her body, creating havoc with her make-up, soaking her bed sheets, or perhaps even short circuiting her phone or computer keyboard. As she starts to fan herself, take off her sweater, jacket, turn on her personal fan, people begin to stare and wonder what is wrong with her, their reactions only adding more gas to the raging fire.

A woman does not and should not have to suffer through this! So what is the solution? Yes, we know that lifestyle changes such as doing your yoga practice, cutting down on the red wine, limiting hot coffee, keeping up on your meditation, eating your fruits and veggies all support the woman’s body in being as healthy as possible but despite these lifestyle efforts, hot flashes and night sweats can continue to be just as severe and dehabilitating for a woman. So what is the solution?!

It is estrogen! But wait!! You think, doesn’t estrogen cause breast cancer and heart attacks? And before you start to panic and sweat by even considering the idea of using estrogen, we need some cooling clarity.

The estrogen that causes breast cancer and heart attacks and strokes is not the estrogen that is to be used in your body. There are two types of estrogen and this is where the confusion reigns. The estrogen used in the landmark Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study which is so often quoted as  proving that estrogen would cause these side effects was the wrong estrogen. I like to refer to it as counterfeit estrogen. There is a good estrogen to use however, which is safe and which takes care of these hot flashes and it is what I call human identical estrogen or rather the estrogen that your body always used to make is the one that you should now take!

Both types of estrogen, the bad or counterfeit one, and the good or human identical one, will alleviate your hot flashes. But you should never use the bad, counterfeit estrogen because it has bad side effects of cancer, clots, strokes and heart attacks. Use the estrogen that your body knows, is familiar with and likes to have around, which is the good human identical estrogen. In a follow up article, I will continue this topic of the difference between the good and the bad estrogens.

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