• This natural stage in a woman’s life marks the time when she no longer has a menstrual cycle. Women are finally free of the monthly bleeding and no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. This passage also marks a significant shift in a woman’s body when her ovaries no longer make hormones. Some women ease through this stage without any uncomfortable symptoms. Other women have terrible physical discomforts such as blistering hot flashes, severe mental or emotional instability, and mood swings.  No woman should have to suffer through this transitional time.
  • Every woman has the choice and option to decide how she wants to support her body through this change. She may only need nutritional or herbal therapies while others may require hormonal therapeutic support. Unfortunately, modern medicine offers few options to ease this transition and the ones they do provide carry harmful side effects.
  • At the Sacramento Center for Health & Healing, we acknowledge and support a woman’s internal wisdom and provide guidance and individually tailored integrative hormonal solutions.  Menopause is another step in a woman’s life where she can continue to live in a state of beauty and graceful radiance.


Take the Menopause Symptoms Quiz to see if you may be entering this phase of life.

1. Do you have hot flashes and/or night sweats?
2. Do you have heart discomfort (i.e. heart racing, tightness, heart skipping)?
3. Is it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep?
4. Are you moody, depressed, and/or on the verge of tears?
5. Are you irritable and anxious?
6. Do you feel physically and mentally exhausted, making it hard for you to work, concentrate, and be active?
7. Have you noticed a decrease in your sex drive?
8. Have you noticed increased joint and muscular discomfort?
9. Have you experienced vaginal dryness or burning?
10.Do you find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep?

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